Launch of Climb for a Cause with Stephanie Campbell (CHeBA Champion)

Image - Launch of Climb for a Cause with Stephanie Campbell (CHeBA Champion)

CHeBA Champion Stephanie Campbell is a girl on a mission and has teamed up with Story Bridge Adventure Climb, CHeBA and Variety QLD to bring you Climb for a Cause, a charity event set to be a mainstay on the Brisbane events calendar.

Stephanie is a Brisbane girl and a Finalist in the 2014 Miss World Australia pageant. She is also the survivor of a horrific skydiving accident that occurred on March 16 this year.

Coming in to land on her 57th solo skydive, Stephanie’s parachute passed through turbulent air and collapsed high above the ground. She fell onto her back at 60km/h and broke nine out of 12 vertebrae in her mid back, six ribs, her right wrist, punctured both lungs, and sustained a severe concussion and swelling in her right eye.

After being airlifted to the PA Hospital by CareFlight Group Queensland paramedics she spent 10 days in the trauma ward recovering from her injuries. Doctors marvelled that she had survived the accident, was not paralysed and could be treated conservatively without surgery. Although Stephanie could not move for half of her hospital stay she started walking around the trauma ward with the aid of a special spinal brace after five days of bed rest.

Motivated by a desire to make her recovery count, within the first two weeks of her accident she decided to enter the Miss World Australia pageant with the intention of sharing her story to help raise awareness and funds for CHeBA and Miss World’s partner charity, Variety. On May 4, just days before her spinal brace and wrist cast were removed, she interviewed with the Miss World Australia Board and was accepted to compete in the State Finals. Against all odds, and nine weeks to the day of her accident, Stephanie was selected to be a National Finalist in the pageant.

Now in the running to take out the title of Miss World Australia on July 27, Stephanie is continuing her journey of recovery through gratitude and compassion by realising her brainchild Climb for a Cause.

I am absolutely delighted that Story Bridge Adventure Climb has come on board to support CHeBA and Variety QLD through the ‘Climb for a Cause’ initiative. Both organisations do amazing work to advance the interests of children and older Australians in the community and I feel privileged to be able to contribute to raising awareness and funds for their important activities and research, especially given where I was just three short months ago.

A big part of what Variety does is to help children with disability gain independence by supplying them with expensive mobility equipment, such as special wheelchairs and braces, through their Freedom program. Looking after the other end of the age spectrum through research into the ageing brain is CHeBA, which is developing knowledge in the laboratory and taking it toward application in real patients. More and more research is indicating that maintaining physical fitness is vital to maintaining overall brain health and reducing dementia risk later in life. 

I feel incredibly blessed to be able to even contemplate climbing the Story Bridge just four months following my accident! I could have been paralysed and instead I now have the opportunity to walk to raise funds to help children in need gain greater independence and opportunity, and to spread the message for CHeBA that an active life is essential for a healthy brain.

My aim is to win the ‘Beauty With A Purpose’ Award which acknowledges commitment to charitable service and would allow me to continue my fundraising work with the Miss World Australia organisation next year.


Note:  FREE photo package with all climb ticket sales before 19 July, with 50% of sales going to CHeBA and Variety QLD.  Use code word CAUSE when booking to support Stephanie and CHeBA!



Date Published: 
Monday, 30 June 2014
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