IPH Limited Join The Dementia Momentum as Silver Members

IPH Limited Join The Dementia Momentum as Silver Members
IPH Limited Join The Dementia Momentum as Silver Members

IPH Limited became Silver Members of The Dementia Momentum in January 2016 by donating $25,000 to support CHeBA’s research into identifying risk and protective factors to reduce dementia incidence.

IPH Limited Managing Director David Griffith and his wife Penny supported CHeBA’s Wipeout Dementia campaign in May 2015, becoming Friends of The Dementia after sponsoring participant and Spokesman for The Dementia Momentum, Richard Grellman AM, who is also the non-executive Chairman of IPH Limited. Mr Griffith said that the opportunity for IPH Limited to provide further support to both Richard and The Dementia Momentum aligned with the company’s history of engagement with the charity, not-for-profit and academic sectors.

“With global rates of dementia predicted to rise markedly, all companies will be faced with social and economic challenges. Working with Richard and knowing his wife Suellen who was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease, we have witnessed first-hand the personal side of this struggle,” said Mr Griffith.

“IPH Limited is pleased to be able to support the proactive and innovative research of CHeBA in not only trying to better understand dementia at an international level, but also finding targeted, evidence-based strategies communities can adopt to reduce or prevent the disease.”

CHeBA Co-Directors Professors Henry Brodaty and Perminder Sachdev extended their gratitude to IPH Limited, and said the donation showed the significance of ongoing relationships between the corporate sector and research for effecting social change.

“Government funding alone is not enough to undertake the research we need to successfully reduce the burden dementia poses on society. Increasing our dialogue with the corporate community is helping to generate new philanthropic avenues and, knowing the scale of dementia incidence predicted, we all need to work together if we are going to create a brighter future for all Australians.”

To join The Dementia Momentum or to find out more about this initiative please contact Heidi Mitchell on (02) 9382 3398 or heidi.mitchell@unsw.edu.au.

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