Distinguished Fellowship for Perminder Sachdev

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The American Psychiatric Association has elected CHeBA's Co-Director, Scientia Professor Perminder Sachdev, to International Distinguished Fellowship. This action was taken on the recommendation of the Membership Committee of the American Psychiatric Association and with the approval of the Board of Trustees. This Fellowship is in recognition of Professor Sachdev's significant contributions to the psychiatry profession.

"When I started my training in Psychiatry in the early 1980s, my family and friends were surprised at my choice of specialty.  Psychiatry was a low status medical discipline, stigma against mental illness was rife, and research funding for psychiatric disorders was meagre.  We have come a long way since then.  Psychiatry has now established a proud place alongside other disciplines in medicine and is developing a strong empirical basis.  Mental illness has come out the closet and governments and funding agencies no longer ignore it.  However, we have a long distance yet to travel, and our successes in the last three decades are tempered by slow progress on many fronts.”

Scientia Professor Perminder Sachdev


Date Published: 
Wednesday, 12 December 2012
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