CHeBA Champions set their sights high in 2015

CHeBA Champions set their sights high in 2015
CHeBA Champions set their sights high in 2015

CHeBA Champions Hailey Maxwell and Warren King are taking their Fitness Ambassador roles seriously and have set an impressive standard in their efforts to raise funds for The Dementia Momentum initiative in 2015.

Hailey Maxwell, currently training for the North Face 100 on 15-17 May in the Blue Mountains, aims to raise $5,000 for CHeBA’s research into dementia prevention.

A CHeBA Champion since the inception of the program in 2012, Hailey has made a number of lifestyle changes to work toward improving her brain health in later life.  Hailey started running three years ago, ran her first marathon in 2013 and her first ultra trail marathon in 2014.  In addition to keeping physically active, Hailey does daily brain training and sets new complex mental activity targets every 12 to 18 months, such as learning a language and playing piano.  As part of her role as a CHeBA Champion, Hailey is a keen advocate for lifestyle changes for healthy brain ageing amongst her peers.

“I love helping people, and the knowledge and support that CHeBA have given me allows me to help educate others and inspire them to think about making changes to help prevent or delay dementia,” said Hailey.

“The more we can make people aware, the happier and healthier people will live into old age.  Many of my friends and personal training clients tell me that I'm an inspiration for them to keep moving when they see the extraordinary achievements that I have accomplished.”

Hailey’s latest goal - the North Face is an ultra marathon event which involves running 100 km and has challenged her in the past.

“I set the goal to run the 2014 North Face 100km, but unfortunately I got injured and had to pull out of the race at 80km.  I was devastated, so this year I will be back faster and stronger than ever!” said Hailey.

“When I'm out on the trail on the going gets tough I just think of my Nan and all of the people affected by dementia, they're doing it tough everyday and nothing compares to that.”

Fellow CHeBA Champion, Warren King surpassed his goal of raising $3,000 for CHeBA’s research when he completed the 2015 Ironman Asia-Pacific Melbourne on March 22, three minutes faster than his target time of 11 hours.

Warren started training for triathlons for the first time in 2012 and has since become an avid competitor.  Competing in the Asia Pacific Ironman in Melbourne was his biggest event to date and it didn’t come without its own set of difficulties.

“It was a 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride and 42km run and I aimed to complete it in 11 hours.  Now being someone who likes to do things properly, I hired a coach, bought a new Time Trial bike, new runners –basically everything,” said Warren.  “Triathlon is not a cheap sport! 6 months of training 6 days a week, 3 of which were two sessions a day.  Needless to say the food bills went up too.” 

However, Warren explained it was worth it on the day.  “It wasn't easy but all the training definitely paid off and the motivation to finish was always there because of the support and generous donations so many people had made,” says Warren.”

Warren’s next target is to complete Wipeout Dementia alongside Spokesman for The Dementia Momentum, Richard Grellman AM.  Wipeout Dementia is a four week strength for surfing course culminating in a Surf Off between participants on 23 May 2015. 

If you are interested in becoming a CHeBA Champion, please contact Heidi Mitchell.

You can support Hailey and Warren to reach their fundraising goals by clicking on the links below.

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