Behaviour Management - A Guide to Good Practice

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Relevant literature was systematically reviewed for BPSD in general and for each behaviour individually. The 2012 edition of the Guide provides a general overview of assessment and management of BPSD and then tackles behaviours one by one alphabetically, from aggression to agitation through to sexual disinhibition and wandering. The Guide has intertwined specific case examples and management strategies for people with BPSD from culturally and linguistically diverse and from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

The Guide is available in hard copy (for DBMAS only), on memory stick and on the web. For each behaviour, the format is to provide a half page summary of key dot points, followed by a 2-page summary of prevalence, assessment, pharmacological and non-pharmacological management and finally, about 10 pages of literature review in detail. Appendices list all the studies and provide the references for all the behaviours.

Anecdotal feedback has been very positive and demand for hard copies is greater than availability at this stage.

Date Published: 
Wednesday, 19 December 2012
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