$20,000, a dislocated houlder and half a dozen PBs!

$20,000, a dislocated houlder and half a dozen PBs!
$20,000, a dislocated houlder and half a dozen PBs!

The unforgiving 14km terrain of the City 2 Surf is a highlight of the year for CHeBA with so many people showcasing their incredible spirit and drive to support and promote the healthy brain ageing message.

This was a significant and emotional year at the startline for Team CHeBA, with many new recruits joining those who have participated alongside Co-Directors Professor Perminder Sachdev and Professor Henry Brodaty in previous years in order to honour a parent or grandparent with dementia.    

Over 60 people tackled the challenging course for CHeBA and raised over $20,000 for The Dementia Momentumas well as set some impressive benchmarks for next year's event.  Many of these people were first timers to the event including Megan Tracey and Susan Coorey.

The event didn’t go off completely without a hitch though.  It may have only been one injury but it was a severe one. Co-Director Professor Perminder Sachdev dramatically took on the bitumen at the 10km mark and received a dislocated shoulder for his efforts. With both Professors so supportive and actively involved in our fitness and fundraising endeavours for the City 2 Surf this was certainly a devastating outcome and we all wish him a speedy recovery.

Congratulations to all members of Team CHeBA who joined battled the crowds and hills to inspire each other to do it again next year!  Some of the top times included Professor Julian Trollor who completed in 64 minutes, Ashton Trollor in 65 minutes, Richie Dolan in 69 minutes, Hailey Maxwell in 70 minutes, Monique Cusack in 71 minutes, Rob Kift in 72 minutes, Dr Nicky Kochan in 74 minutes, Heidi Mitchell in 75 minutes and Raymond Chan in 79 minutes.  Candice Miles and Charlotte Bonser both came in at the 87 minute mark.  Despite injuries new members to Team CHeBA Beverly and Carlos Hurtado finished in around the 90 minute and 80 minute mark respectively. 

CHeBA’s positive ageing heroes are Graham Gates (who has now completed the course for the third time for CHeBA at age 87 and was one of our top fundraisers), Col Blake (who has completed every City 2 Surf since the very first event in 1971 and was also one of our top fundraisers) and Derek Nelson (a member of the Legends group who, at age 81, still manages to run the entire course).  On behalf of all of Team CHeBA we thank these lads for the incredible inspiration!

Many staff participated in the event alongside the Co-Directors including Julian Trollor, Heidi Mitchell, Associate Professor Belinda Goodenough, Dr Michael Young, Tanya Duckworth and Tracy Higgins.

The City 2 Surf event is a great opportunity for CHeBA to promote the relationship between cardiovascular health and brain health, particularly its significance as a risk factor for dementia. 

The popular image of a bronzed, outdoors-loving and sports mad Aussie belies the fact that Australians are one of the most physically inactive people internationally.  There is incontrovertible evidence that physical inactivity increases the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, obesity, Type 2 diabetes and depression. 

All of these are risk factors for dementia

A recent analysis showed that physically inactive individuals had an 80% increased risk of dementia.  By contrast, physical exercise has positive and protective effects on brain function, not only reducing risk factors but increasing neuroplasticity.

Professor Perminder Sachdev and Professor Henry Brodaty say one of the most effective strategies we can adopt to reduce the risk of cognitive decline and dementia later in life is to become physically active from an early age, and remain active throughout our lives. 

A heartfelt thanks to everyone for the strong support for the cause and a special thanks to Monica Cations, Rosi Benninghaus and friends, for ensuring the team were well fed at the after-celebration at Bronte Park.

To check out the fundraising team click here.

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Registration for the 2016 City 2 Surf will open soon and we welcome everyone of all ages to join Team CHeBA to help promote the importance of cardiovascular health for better brain health in late life! 

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