A Guide for Carers 2023

Carers Guide 2023

Carers Guide

A Guide for Carers 2023: Supporting carers to better understand and help people experiencing changed behaviours and psychological symptoms associated with dementia is a ‘travel size’ hands-on summary of evidence-informed care principles relevant to changed behaviours that commonly occur in people living with dementia. The information contained in this Guide is a modified summary from the comprehensive document A Clinician’s BPSD Guide 2023: Understanding and helping people experiencing behaviours and psychological symptoms associated with dementia (BPSD)*.

UNSW Sydney was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care to develop this Guide for Carers as part of a suite of updated resources. These resources also include an app developed to support carers: https://cheba.unsw.edu.au/Care4Dementia-App.

This Guide was developed to provide information and support for care partners and hands-on care staff in their role of caring for people with dementia, who present with changed behaviours. Easy access to key messages, descriptions of what changed behaviours in dementia look like, suggestions as to why they might be happening, strategies to try to help the person with dementia and example stories are provided. 

Understanding why changed behaviours can occur may help to address them as well as improve the person with dementia’s quality of life and carer’s well-being.

Hard copies of the Guide for Carer’s 2023 are available from the BPSD team at CHeBA, free of charge, pending availability. Email Kim Burns or download the pdf via the link below.

*This terminology is used respectfully for communication between those supporting people with dementia. For more information about consumer preferences on terminology, please consult the Dementia Language Guidelines developed by Dementia Australia.

Download the Guide for Family Carers here.