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About the Group: 

Founded in 2013, PROMOTE stands for Psychosocial Research Consortium to advance mental health of older people in the Asia Pacific region.  Psychosocial research is an umbrella term that covers: causes and risk factors, mediating factors and contexts and outcomes. In psychogeriatrics it applies to mental disorders and behaviours occurring in older people, to their family carers, to professional carers, to systems of care, and to interactions with the environment.  Approaches to psychosocial research derive from diverse sociological, psychological and social epidemiological paradigms, and from different theoretical frameworks.

Often the poor cousin to biological and clinical research, psychosocial research struggles to gain publication in high ranking journals, to compete for research grants or to gain academic kudos. Yet many major advances in psychogeriatrics have been psychosocial and these have led to improvements in quality of life for older people with mental disorders and their families and cost savings for the community.

Despite their rapidly ageing populations and the projections that Asia-Pacific countries will account for half the world’s older population within a generation, psychosocial research concerning mental health issues is poorly developed in this region. Furthermore, as local research conducted in many of the countries in the region is often published in their own language little is known about their research outside their countries. By bringing together prominent investigators from six Asia-Pacific countries to describe local psychosocial research initiatives in psychogeriatrics, PROMOTE proposes to lay the foundations for the establishment of a regional consortium to advance psychosocial research and to enable collaboration, joint research programs, mentoring, training and dissemination of findings, and to facilitate cross-cultural knowledge translation.

PROMOTE is co-led by Professor Henry Brodaty and Professor Yun-Hee Jeon at the University of Sydney.

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