Rethinking Support after Dementia Diagnosis: Unmet Needs and Evidence for Rehabilitation

Australians with dementia and carers often receive minimal health treatments and psychosocial supports following diagnosis. This webinar will describe their unmet needs for information, psychosocial support, and treatments to optimise function and wellbeing. There is strong evidence that physical exercise, cognitive stimulation therapy, occupational therapy and carer programs improve outcomes for people with dementia. There is also emerging evidence for the benefits of multidisciplinary rehabilitation programs and psychotherapy for anxiety and depression associated with dementia. The webinar will present practical suggestions on how clinicians can help people with dementia and carers obtain rehabilitation and additional supports after diagnosis. Forward with Dementia has three portals: one for people with dementia, a second for carers and a third for health care practitioners. The website provides information on understanding (and giving) the diagnosis, coming to terms with dementia, managing changes, supporting wellbeing and making plans and decisions. 

This webinar will be presented by Professor Lee-Fay Low of The University of Sydney, with a live Q&A featuring CHeBA Co-Director Professor Henry Brodaty and chaired by Associate Professor Lyn Phillipson of The University of Wollongong.

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