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Welcome to the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing. 

CHeBA is an international centre of excellence in multidisciplinary research into the ageing brain and various aspects of cognitive disorders, including dementia. The work of CHeBA’s Research Groups extend from molecular work in genomics, epigenomics, proteomics, lipidomics, metabolomics, and molecular biology, to neuronal systems and networks in the Neuroimaging Lab, to clinical, epidemiological and sociological research, to research on ageing health policy using its strong links with teaching hospitals, aged care providers, state and federal governments and its established ageing cohort studies. Its work strongly emphasises implementation, capacity building and translational research.

Our mission is to enhance the evidence base in relation to prevention, early detection, and treatment of age-related disorders, in particular brain diseases, and improve the health care of individuals affected by these diseases.

 Along with the Dementia Collaborative Research Centres, CHeBA has developed a number of resources for General Practitioners. 

The Good Dementia Care in General Practice Project

Many GPs report a lack of time and confidence in diagnosing dementia. Indeed, the diagnosis is often missed in primary care with about 50% of patients with dementia remaining undiagnosed. This project attempts to address this by developing a set of guidelines for GPs that are evidence-based, practical, and easily accessible via a website. The guidelines are based around the original 14 Essentials that were written by Prof Henry Brodaty and colleagues. The guidelines provide supplementary detail for each of the 14 essentials and contain only information that is helpful or necessary to health professionals. The guidelines also outline principles of management, which were not covered in the original 14 Essentials. The guidelines are freely available and are presented in the following two articles.

Brodaty et al. (2013). Dementia: 14 essentials of management.
Brodaty et al. (2013). Dementia: 14 essentials of assessment and care planning.


If you are interested in our research or have any questions regarding translation of policy into practice, please contact the relevant researcher or our Centre Manager, Angie Russell on



CHeBA have a number of trials being conducted in which we need participants.
To see the full list of current clinical trials needing volunteers please click here:

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The Memory Clinic, part of the ADFOAP, is a multidisciplinary specialist outpatient clinic located in the Euroa Centre at Prince of Wales Hospital.  The clinic is headed by CHeBA Co-Director Dr Henry Brodaty (Professor of Ageing and Mental Health) and includes CHeBA Co-Director Dr Perminder Sachdev (Professor of Neuropsychiatry). For more details contact the Memory Clinic on 9382 3753 or click here: image - For Practitioners



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