Joel Singer

This Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine student, supervised by Dr Julian Trollor, achieved a High Distinction on his Independent Learning Project (titled Higher Pulse Wave Velocity is associated with lower cognitive function in elderly males: the Sydney Memory and Ageing Study) in 2012.  "My ILP examined the association between arteriosclerosis and cognitive function within a community-based elderly cohort.  The burden of neurodegenerative disease is rapidly increasing as the population ages, yet so much of the pathophysiology underlying cognitive decline is unknown.  Julian and the team at the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing are doing cutting-edge research in the field and I was drawn to the opportunity to work in this rapidly developing area of medicine. Julian was incredibly supportive and was always willing to provide assistance and advice. He also continued to provide support beyond the ILP term in refining my paper for publication.  It was incredible as a student without any research experience to be given the opportunity to work within an experienced team of top researchers.  Working with Julian, Evelyn Smith and the rest of the group gave me an invaluable insight into the process of medical research.  Through the experience, I feel I was able to acquire a research skill set that will serve me in good stead for the rest of my career."

Doing an Independent Learning Project with CHeBA provides an excellent opportunity for exposure to conducting research within the field of brain ageing.

ILP students develop fundamental research skills and learn about current issues in brain ageing research. An understanding of brain ageing research will help students in their future careers as health practitioners (both as general practitioners and specialists, such as geriatricians).

An ILP is also a useful entry point for any students considering a higher research degree or a research career. Students who graduate with an MBBS from an Australian or New Zealand University are eligible to apply to the Master by Research or PhD programs in the Faculty of Medicine.

CHeBA staff are available to supervise both allocated and negotiated Independent Learning Projects.

For more information on Independent Learning Projects, including application deadlines, click here.

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