Increasing momentum for dementia prevention

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Having already led a number of international consortia, Professor Perminder Sachdev says CHeBA is in an excellent position to make a worldwide difference to prevention, earlier diagnosis, and earlier and more effective interventions of dementia.

The gathering, pooling and analysing of big data sets from across the world requires significant resources. To achieve this, CHeBA launched The Dementia Momentum, a movement to bring researchers and the community together to change the future of dementia in this country and around the world.

The Dementia Momentum seeks to engage with the business community to raise awareness and reduce prejudice about this disease.

Driving The Dementia Momentum is spokesman Mr Richard Grellman AM, Chairman of Genworth Mortgage Insurance Ltd, IPH Ltd and AMP Foundation, whose wife Suellen was diagnosed some four years ago with advanced young onset Alzheimer’s disease and has now been in a care facility for almost a year.

“This important social initiative is a bold attempt to bring the right researchers and community donors together to materially increase the pace of clear, clever and relevant work in confronting this disease,” Mr Grellman says.

CHeBA Co-Director Professor Henry Brodaty, commends Mr Grellman for his unwavering and relentless support of CHeBA’s campaign to change the future of dementia incidence. He says that effectively tackling known risk factors for dementia could prevent up to one fifth of new cases by 2025.

25 Mar 2015
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