image - Imelda Roche Crop

Co-Chairman, Roche Group Pty Ltd

Imelda Roche is internationally recognised for her outstanding achievements in business, which include an appointment by Prime Minister Paul Keating as Australia’s representative to the Business Forum of the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-Operation (APEC) and subsequently by Prime Minister John Howard as a representative to the successor organisation, the Business Advisory Council to APEC.

Imelda and her husband Bill began Roche Group, first running the Australian arm of Nutrimetics, and eventually taking over the world-wide company. After selling Nutrimetics, they turned to residential development and tourism creating the highly acclaimed Hunter Valley Gardens (the largest tourist garden in the southern hemisphere). Roche Group is internationally recognised for its achievements in property and tourism.

In 1995 both Imelda and Bill received the Order of Australia in recognition of their contributions to business and commerce and, in 1997, Imelda was recognised in a ceremony in Paris as one of the 50 leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World.

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