Join Team CHeBA in the City 2 Surf

Over the last few years, we've started building a group of people of all ages and from all walks of life to run with Team CHeBA - all raising funds for The Dementia Momentum initiative at CHeBA.  All funds raised go directly CHeBA's research into healthy brain ageing with a goal of changing the future of dementia.

Together, we really can change the future of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias in Australia and internationally.


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Did you know that cardiovascular health throughout your life influences brain health in late life?

By running with Team CHeBA, you won’t just be helping the future of ageing in Australia, you’ll be helping yourself: improving your brain health to delay or even reduce the risk of dementia.

Team CHeBA proudly promotes positive ageing in the City 2 Surf with team members across all generations running alongside our Co-Directors Professor Henry Brodaty and Professor Perminder Sachdev. 

Walk, run or jog for CHeBA and join us in spruiking our passion for positive ageing via a healthy brain.

The Future of Dementia

Over 1,700 Australians are diagnosed with dementia every week.

Research shows it is never too late to improve brain health. In mid- and even late-life, lifestyle changes can have a significant impact. Even small breakthroughs – delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s by two or five years – could dramatically reduce the number of people who contract the disease.

Why Run for Team CHeBA

All money raised by Team CHeBA will fund research not only into early diagnosis, treatment and care for those with dementia and other age-related brain disorders, but also prevention and positive ageing for the future. We are the only research group in the world studying the brainsof participants aged 95+ years as part of our Sydney Centenarian Study, to understand factors in successful healthy ageing. We are also undertaking many genetics research projects including cutting-edge RNA sequencing to identify the unique RNA signatures of centenarians.

To thank you for helping us achieve our goal, all members of Team CHeBA will receive:

  • A CHeBA running shirt
  • A training program

How To Join Team CHeBA

  • Go to and click on ENTER NOW
  • Select the 'Join Team' option
  • Type in 'CHeBA' and hit search.  You will then be able to select CHeBA as your team
  • You will be prompted to enter the password champions
  • Complete the rest of the form being very careful to select which start group you want (this cannot be changed after after registration).  Most people running for CHeBA will be in the BLUE GROUP
  • Proceed through the payment gateway where you will be asked for credit card details
  • You will then receive confirmation via email, including your e-ticket
  • To join the Team CHeBA fundraising team you can set up your Everyday Hero fundraising page hereIf you need assistance pease contact Heidi Mitchell on


Colin Blake for Team CHeBA

Colin Blake from Clovelly decided to join Team CHeBA after attending a CHeBA Better Brain. Better Life public forum in May 2014.  Colin has participated in the previous 41 City 2 Surf events and won a family category with his two sons in the 1990s.  Last year, Colin raised over $1,200 for CHeBA's research, demonstrating his hope for a better future in ageing.

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