CHeBA leads research into dementia prevention

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International studies are examining risk factors for the different types of dementia and designing strategies to delay its onset or prevent it altogether. Researchers at CHeBA wish to harness the momentum and lead an international consortium of studies into dementia research.

The initiative comes at the same time the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that deaths from Dementia and Alzheimer's disease now outrank cerebrovascular diseases as the second leading cause of death of Australians.

CHeBA recently announced the launch of The Dementia Momentum, a movement to unite researchers and the community in changing the future of dementia here and around the world. The initiative has already attracted considerable philanthropic support.

CHeBA Co-Director Professor Perminder Sachdev said that CHeBA was in a position to make a world-wide difference to prevention, earlier diagnosis and earlier, more effective interventions. "The gathering, pooling and analysing of data sets from across the world requires significant resources. That’s the reason for The Dementia Momentum, which will bring researchers and the community together to challenge dementia," he said.

2 Apr 2015
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