ICC-Dementia Scientific Steering Committee

CHeBA Consortia - ICC-Dementia
ICC-Dementia is a dementia work group of the International Consortium of Centenarian (ICC) studies brought together to examine the prevalence of and risk factors for dementia that are robust across centenarian cohorts from around the world.

Each study is invited to provide one member for the Steering Committee, which leads the scientific agenda of the consortium and provides governance.

Member Study
Nir Barzilai Longevity Gene Project (LGP)
Carol Brayne Cognitive Function and Ageing Study (CFAS)
Henry Brodaty Sydney Centenarian Study (SCS)
Karen Cheung Hong Kong Centenarian Study (HKCS)
Maria Corrada 90+ Study (90+)
Yasuyuki Gondo Tokyo Centenarian Study (TCS)
Bo Hagberg Swedish Centenarian Study (SwCS)
Henne Holstege The 100-plus Study (100+)
Daniela Jopp Fordham Centenarian Study (FH)
2nd Heidelberg Centenarian Study (HD100-II)
Claudia Kawas 90+ Study (90+)
Jeffery Kaye Oregon Brain Aging Study (OBAS)
Yvonne Leung (Secretariat) Sydney Centenarian Study (SCS)
Ugo Lucca Monzino 80+ Study (M80+)
Gabriella Marcon Centenarians at Trieste (CaT)
Peter Martin Georgia Centenarian Study (GCS)
Lennie Poon Georgia Centenarian Study (GCS)
Óscar Ribeiro PT100 Study
Perminder Sachdev Sydney Centenarian Study (SCS)
Ingmar Skoog Gothenburg Centenarian Study (Go95+)
Jan Szewieczek Polish Centenarian Study (PCS)