ICC-Dementia Research Proposals

CHeBA Consortia - ICC-Dementia
ICC-Dementia is a dementia work group of the International Consortium of Centenarian (ICC) studies brought together to examine the prevalence of and risk factors for dementia that are robust across centenarian cohorts from around the world.

ICC-Dementia welcomes research proposals from member studies and from outside investigators wishing to utilise the wealth and diversity of data held by the ICC-Dementia cohorts.

All proposals will be reviewed by the ICC-Dementia Research Steering Committee, and should be submitted using the PDF form below.

Download the ICC-Dementia Research Proposal Form

Please note that ICC-Dementia member studies are not committed to providing data for all projects, and elect to participate on a project-by-project basis.

Any publication arising from the use of cohort data requires

  1. Consultation with the study leader; and
  2. Inclusion of the study leader and other members as co-authors.

Proposals from outside investigators require sponsorship by a lead investigator of an ICC-Dementia member study.

Details of the member studies can be found on the ICC-Dementia Studies page, and it may be appropriate to seek sponsorship from the leader of a study that has investigated similar issues or holds particularly relevant data.