Personality and Total Health (PATH) Through Life Project

Principal Investigator

Professor Kaarin J. Anstey PhD, FASSA
Director, Centre for Research on Ageing, Health and Wellbeing
Director, Dementia Collaborative Research Centre Early Diagnosis and Prevention
ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment
Bldg 62, Eggleston Rd
The Australian National University
Canberra ACT  0200


Setting: Australian Capital Territory and Queanbeyan, New South Wales
Start Date: 2001
End Date: 2021
Particpants: 7485 individuals aged 60-64 years
Assessment Schedule: 4-year interviews

(1) Genetic risk factors, early life adversity, other personal history (including past mental health problems and substance use, adolescent transitions, marital history and family formation), personality measures, life stress and social support, diet, occupational stress, recent anxiety and depression, recent substance use and cognitive abilities; (2) Cohort-appropriate life-style changes; (3) Subgroups with MRI scans and blood tests, detailed neurocognitive assessments yielding diagnoses of dementia and MCI, comprehensive cardiovascular assessments.

Further Information