Framingham Heart Study Brain Aging Program (FHS-BAP)

Principal Investigators

Rhoda Au
Alzheimer's Disease Centre, Boston University

Lindsay Farrer
Alzheimer's Disease Centre, Boston University

Data Contact

Alvin Ang


Setting: Framingham, USA
Start Date: 1948
End Date: -
Participants: Around 15,000 individuals across 5 cohorts
Assessment Schedule: Assessments every 2-6 years; original cohort with at least 32 assessments
Measures: (1) Medical history and events, including comprehensive cardiovascular disease data; (2) biomarkers; (3) lifestyle; (4) function, performance and anthropometry; (5) MMSE, neuropsychological test battery, MCI and dementia; (6) brain MRI

Further Information

Further information: Tsao CW & Vasan RS. Cohort Profile: The Framingham Heart Study
(FHS): overview of milestones in cardiovascular epidemiology
. Int J Epidemiol, 2015; 4(6): 1800-1813.