The Atahualpa Project

Principal Investigator

Oscar H. Del Brutto, MD
School of Medicine, Universidad Espíritu Santo—Ecuador, Guayaquil, Ecuador 

Data Contact

Oscar H. Del Brutto, MD


Setting: Atahualpa, a rural village in coastal Ecuador
Start Date: June 2012
End Date: Ongoing
Participants: 933 individuals aged 40+ years at baseline
Assessment Schedule: Baseline and annual follow-up surveys
Measures: (1) Depression; (2) Sleep quality; (3) Cardiovascular risk factors; (4) Dietary oily fish intake; (5) Dental exam; (6) CT and MRI, including FLAIR scans; (7) MoCA; (8) COVID-19

Further Information

Del Brutto et al. Key findings from the Atahualpa Project: what should we learn? Expert Rev Neurother. 2018: 18;5-8.
Del Brutto et al. Clinical and neuroimaging risk factors for cognitive decline in community‐dwelling older adults living in rural Ecuador. A population‐based prospective cohort study. Int J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2019: 34;447-452.