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"Having previously studied the human brain to some extent, and having a family history of Alzheimer's, this kind of research is something I feel is very important and can affect anyone.  I also recently had a good friend in hospital for a considerable length of time with a brain issue and it was frustrating as they still do not know what caused the initial problem. I've felt the importance of a healthy brain become paramount to living a full and happy life into the future, and it's something I'm hoping to make more people aware of in my endeavours with CHeBA."

What does "Healthy Brains. Positive Ageing" mean to me?

It says to me if you keep your brain healthy you have a better chance of longevity with good cognitive function.

Warren came to Australia over a decade ago and never looked back.  He is currently a Warehouse Manager and has always been very active physically.  We are told that his body has taken a lot of punishment through a mixture of contact sports and being clumsy!  As he's become older he's realised that while he needs to give up certain sporting pursuits there is no limit to engaging the brain!  We are very excited to welcome Warren as a Fitness Ambassador for CHeBA.

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CHeBA Champions

The CHeBA Champions are Fitness Ambassadors for the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing.  These fitness professionals and enthusiasts in their 20s and 30s are championing healthy brain ageing through healthy lifestyles from a young age. 

Official Ambassador

PJ Lane

Actor, Entertainer

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