Sarah Thompson

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"I decided to become a Fitness Ambassador for CHeBA because it means I get to spend more time with Heidi!  More seriously, the mother of one of my closest friends suffered from dementia in the final years of her life and if there's a way to prevent this happening to future generations, then I'm all for it."

What does "Healthy Brains. Positive Ageing" mean to me?

My life is extremely busy....long hours at work with my job often requiring me to go out in the evening as well.  Exercising for an hour a day and working on my cardiovascular health means - beyond a shadow of a doubt - that I'm able to maintain such a high-octane existence while increasing the likelihood that I live a longer and healthier life. 

Sarah works as a journalist for the Australian Financial Review.  Apart from lots of cardiovascular exercise, particularly running, her interests include reading, swimming, yoga and catching up with family and friends.  We are extremely excited to have Sarah as part of our Fitness Ambassador team!

CHeBA Champions

The CHeBA Champions are Fitness Ambassadors for the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing.  These fitness professionals and enthusiasts in their 20s and 30s are championing healthy brain ageing through healthy lifestyles from a young age. 

Official Ambassador

PJ Lane

Actor, Entertainer

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