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"The primary driver for me becoming a Fitness Ambassador for CHeBA is my mum, Michelle Bates, a social worker acting in the role of Dementia Coordinator for Chesalon (a subsidiary of Anglicare). Through our discussions, I have learnt about the increasing prevalence of dementia/Alzheimer’s and the huge impact it has not only on the individual, but also on their family and their community. Once it became known to me that dementia/Alzheimer's can, to a significant degree, be prevented or delayed through a healthy lifestyle, it motivated me to spread to the word!"

What does "Healthy Brains. Positive Ageing" mean to me?

"To me, the term “Healthy Brains. Positive Ageing” indicates that the quality of our future is heavily dictated by how well our brains are functioning. If our brains are at half-capacity and not firing on all cylinders, I believe that our daily interactions and the joy we derive from life will be substantially lessened. However, if our brains are activated and engaged through tools such as exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness, then I know that we will generally be much happier in all areas of life: relationships, work, social interactions, community etc."

Michael has always enjoyed playing team sports (rugby, cricket, hockey) and more recently, participated in endurance events. In 2011 and 2012, while living in Canberra, his firm cycled to Jindabyne and back (approx. 450kms over 3 days!) to raise money for Hartley’s Lifecare. Since returning to Sydney, he has taken to running (completed 2 half-marathons and a couple of City-to-Surfs) with his wife, a dietitian, who encourages healthy eating in their household on a daily basis. Michael has recently begun meditating as a tool to combat the constant barrage of an ever-increasing technological society and to increase his happiness.

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CHeBA Champions

The CHeBA Champions are Fitness Ambassadors for the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing.  These fitness professionals and enthusiasts in their 20s and 30s are championing healthy brain ageing through healthy lifestyles from a young age. 

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