Edwina Fetherston

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"Watching the ones I love withdraw from daily activities they enjoy like walking for leisure and cooking for the entire family due to gradual memory loss has influenced me to become a Fitness Ambassador for CHeBA.  It is so hard watching the ones you love slowly deteriorate mentally.  This is why it's so important for everyone, of all ages, to maintain brain power and regular physical activity so as to prevent the chance of Alzheimer's disease and dementia in later life.  Everyone deserves to live a happy and healthy life!"

What does "Healthy Brains. Positive Ageing" mean to me?

To me, "Heathy Brains. Positive Ageing'" is a process involving emotional, physical, social and environmental qualities.  Maintaining a positive attitude, feeling good about yourself, keeping fit and healthy through regular exercise and clean eating and surrounding yourself with enthusiastic and happy people are all great ways to keep the brain healthy and age positively.  To me, by maintaining these qualities, individuals can engage in life to their full potential as they age. 

For as long as she can remember, Edwina has loved playing any type of sport and keeping fit.  In fact, she enjoys it so much that she chose to further her studies at University in a Human Movement degree.  She hopes to one day become a Physical Education teacher and motivate children to be enthusiastic about sport.  CHeBA supports this attitude completely and is thrilled to welcome Edwina to the Fitness Ambassador team!

CHeBA Champions

The CHeBA Champions are Fitness Ambassadors for the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing.  These fitness professionals and enthusiasts in their 20s and 30s are championing healthy brain ageing through healthy lifestyles from a young age. 

Official Ambassador

PJ Lane

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