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"One of my major reasons for becoming a Fitness Ambassador for CHeBA, apart from thinking that the partnership between Professors Henry Brodaty and Perminder Sachdev is an extremely promising one for brain ageing research, is that I'm concerned about the state of our health system.  I now recognise how much trouble it's in if we don't take positive steps to reverse current trends in age-related brain diseases.  Also, from a personal perspective, I have someone in my life that I love whole heartedly and I want to enjoy health and youthfulness of mind for as long as possible with her.  Recognising the risk factors for Alzheimer's and dementia and campaigning to raise awareness in the community as well as raise funds for research will mean all of us have a greater opportunity for personally achieving my own goal."

What does "Healthy Brains. Positive Ageing" mean to me?

Ageing is something we cannot prevent although we try so hard superficially to do so.  To me, "Healthy Brains. Positive Ageing" represents a shift in the attitude that ageing can only be a negative experience that no-one looks forward to.

Craig is a qualified PDHPE teacher, has worked in the fitness industry for the past decade and co-owns and operates the fitness company Breathe Fire with CHeBA's marketing and communications officer Heidi Mitchell.  He currently works as a Strength & Conditioning Coach at a private boys' school.  Having successfully managed Type 1 Diabetes since the age of 14, Craig represents what all of us should aspire to in terms of regular exercise and healthy eating.  CHeBA is overjoyed to have Craig on board as a Fitness Ambassador!

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CHeBA Champions

The CHeBA Champions are Fitness Ambassadors for the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing.  These fitness professionals and enthusiasts in their 20s and 30s are championing healthy brain ageing through healthy lifestyles from a young age. 

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