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26 Nov 2020

Marina Ulanova | Meet Our Researcher Series

A PhD Candidate in the Brain Ageing Research Laboratory at CHeBA, Marina Ulanova is researching the development of iron nanoparticles aimed at discovering improved methods to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease. Marina hopes this research will eventually lead to earlier intervention and more effective treatment of the disease.   How did you first get into research? After completing my undergraduate degree, I wasn’t entirely sure about what I wanted to do next. A friend informed me of a research internship opportunity at the Garvan Institute and, given I had always been interested in neuroscience… Read More
23 Sep 2020

Maria Villalva | Meet Our Researcher Series

Maria Villalva, Research Assistant with CHeBA’s Brain Ageing Research Laboratory, is currently involved in developing novel theranostics for Alzheimer’s disease to facilitate earlier disease diagnosis and treatment. Through analysing nanomaterial - particularly quantum dots - the research has opened a new area in nanoneuro research and understanding brain ageing.   How did you get into researching the ageing brain? When I began my bachelors in Science at Macquarie University, I was still unsure how I wanted my career to play out. One of my mentors encouraged me to consider research as a… Read More