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10 Sep 2020

Nicholas Hoy | Meet Our Researcher Series

Recent research indicates that alcohol use and alcohol-related harms are increasing among older adults. However, few studies have investigated the relationship between alcohol use and cognition in ageing populations. It is essential that research is conducted to examine the role of alcohol use in cognitive decline and dementia, as these issues represent some of the most significant challenges faced by older Australians. Nicholas Hoy, a Research Assistant at CHeBA, is contributing to a large-scale data harmonisation project led by Dr Louise Mewton, which will provide a clearer picture of the… Read More
3 Aug 2020

Dr Louise Mewton | Meet Our Researcher Series

Risky alcohol consumption is often associated with younger people. However, Australian national statistics indicate that risky alcohol use is becoming increasingly prevalent among older adults. In fact, over 10% of older adults engage in high risk alcohol consumption on a daily basis. Dr Mewton hopes that through her research she will uncover the true relationship between risky alcohol use and cognitive decline.   How did you get into researching the ageing brain? My interest in researching the ageing brain only came about quite recently. My PhD and postdoctoral research predominantly… Read More