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3 Aug 2020

Dr Louise Mewton | Meet Our Researcher Series

Risky alcohol consumption is often associated with younger people. However, Australian national statistics indicate that risky alcohol use is becoming increasingly prevalent among older adults. In fact, over 10% of older adults engage in high risk alcohol consumption on a daily basis. Dr Mewton hopes that through her research she will uncover the true relationship between risky alcohol use and cognitive decline.   How did you get into researching the ageing brain? My interest in researching the ageing brain only came about quite recently. My PhD and postdoctoral research predominantly… Read More

'Meet Our Researcher' - Dr Louise Mewton

HEIDI DOUGLASS | CHeBA’s focus on global research priorities, as well as its multi-disciplinary approach across prevention, epidemiology, internet-based intervention and neuropsychiatry, is what inspired Dr Louise Mewton to join CHeBA. Dr Mewton is a UNSW Scientia Fellow with a research focus on the application of innovative methods, techniques and technologies to understand and prevent problematic alcohol use across the lifespan. “I’m currently using large-scale harmonised data from CHeBA’s COSMIC studies to investigate trajectories of alcohol use in older adults… Read More

Ageing Well - Living Healthier

PROFESSOR HENRY BRODATY, MD, PhD Prevention We all become slower and more forgetful as we age, some of us more than others. When this change is accelerated and interferes with a variety of thinking or cognitive abilities and interferes with our day to day functioning, this is diagnosed as dementia, of which the most common type is Alzheimer’s disease. Surveys of the population indicate that dementia in general and Alzheimer’s in particular, along with cancer, are the health problems that we generally fear most. Rightly so! As we are living longer the chances of developing a dementia… Read More