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19 Aug 2020

Lauren King | Meet Our Researcher Series

Research Assistant Lauren King hopes that through CHeBA’s COGNISANCE Project we will achieve global impact on the quality of dementia care and available support services, particularly in those countries where dementia research and support remain quite limited.   How did you get into researching the ageing brain? At university, I worked in a number of voluntary and paid research assistant roles on projects running in the experimental psychology department. I really enjoyed the systematic approach of research design and implementation whilst working on these projects.   Did you experience… Read More

Ageing and Technology

This article was originally published in Montefiore LIFE magazine. In the 21st century, increases in technological advances are seen to bring a globalised world even closer. Many of Montefiore Home's residents have families scattered all over the globe and their only means of communication with them is through digital technology. However, for many elderly people these newly emerging communications tools appear to favour the younger demographic and the older generation can be left out in the cold. Luckily for them there is a new tool which has been developed specifically to reduce the… Read More
13 Jan 2014

How Best to Celebrate Christmas With a Person with Dementia

ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR LEE-FAY LOW Christmas can be a stressful time for hosts and guests alike, and it’s more so for carers of people living with dementia. It’s difficult to give general advice about how to get through the holiday season with as little fuss as possible because everyone is unique, and the various types and stages of dementia affect behaviour in different ways. So I’m going to tell you a story of how one couple is getting through. Hopefully, their strategies will suggest things other families can do for a better Christmas. Tom and Nola are not real people. Their portraits… Read More
12 Aug 2013

Older Citizens Need Information To Be Good Aged-Care Customers

DR LEE-FAY LOW, SENIOR RESEARCH FELLOW AT THE DEMENTIA COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH CENTRE ASSESSMENT AND BETTER CARE This article was originally published as an opinion piece in The Conversation. Community-care packages have traditionally been case-managed packages of services for older people requiring residential care but wanting to stay in their home. Since July 1, all new community-care packages in Australia have become consumer directed, which means that, within an allocated budget, the older person will choose the services they want. The adage that the customer is always right presumes… Read More
19 Mar 2013

Let's Rethink the Meaning of Ageing

HEIDI DOUGLASS | Historically, none of us have particularly looked forward to growing 'old'. If you ask a wide demographic to define the word 'ageing', a range of pessimistic viewpoints will filter in, such as loss of independence, burden to others, physical incapability, loneliness, hip replacements, dementia and loss of dignity. It seems that, for many people, the path to ageing appears to be a steep decline into misery. A predominant reason for this is that age catches us by surprise. We're unprepared. We've been happily going about our business of day to day life… Read More