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J Holden Family Foundation Advances Neuroimaging Research 

Jiyang Perminder Wei
Dr Jiyang Jiang, Professor Perminder Sachdev and Associate Professor Wei Wen
HEIDI DOUGLASS | “Brain age” is an emerging hot research topic in brain ageing research. Brain age refers to an estimate of “how old a person’s brain is biologically”, representing actual brain health status. For example, a person aged 80 years old may have a healthier brain and more intact brain structures relative to his/her age. In this case, a younger brain age of, for example, 70 will be assigned. By doing so, one can assess the brain’s health relative to chronological age. Research can also be conducted by examining the protective factors in the individuals with… Read More
20 Jul 2020

Associate Professor Wei Wen | Meet Our Researcher Series

The field of healthy brain ageing is broad and across researchers there is the common goal of ground-breaking outcomes to change the landscape of cognitive decline research and practice. Leader of CHeBA’s Neuroimaging Group, Associate Professor Wei Wen, highlights the importance of incremental research contributions, which play a fundamental role in shaping the foundation for more radical findings.   How did you first get into researching the ageing brain? I was a PhD student doing engineering at the University of Sydney. My degree directly involved research which was ultimately how I… Read More
11 May 2016

John Holden Family Foundation becomes first Diamond Member of The Dementia Momentum®

John Holden Family Foundation becomes first Diamond Member of The Dementia Momentum®
Pictured L-R: Associate Professor Wei Wen, Mr John Holden, Dr Karen Mather, Professor Perminder Sachdev, Mr Sam Holden.
HEIDI DOUGLASS | The John Holden Family Foundation became the first Diamond Member of The Dementia Momentum® when it committed $600,000 to CHeBA’s initiative to be received by mid-2016. This contribution will fund a project led by Associate Professor Wei Wen, leader of CHeBA’s Neuroimaging Group. The project will bring together a large number of studies from around the world to collectively examine the clinical implications and the genetic basis of white matter hyperintensities and lacunes (small silent strokes), and thereby cerebral small vessel disease. The research… Read More