Graham Gates a Role Model for Positive Ageing

26 Jul 2016

CHeBA Blog: Graham Gates a Role Model for Positive Ageing


Aged 86, Graham Gates is CHeBA’s oldest participant in the 2016 City2Surf and a sensational example of positive ageing. Graham is a staunch supporter of the Centre’s research into age-related cognitive decline, walking with Team CHeBA since 2013.

“I am very conscious about the importance of staying physically, mentally and socially active to help reduce my risk of developing dementia. I’m pleased that I can raise funds to support CHeBA’s research into greater insights for positive ageing,” said Graham.

Walking with Team CHeBA combines Graham’s passion for an active lifestyle with awareness of the role modifiable lifestyle factors play in protecting brain health in late life.

“I am essentially an outside person and enjoy bush walking, camping and golf. Walking with Team CHeBA in the City 2 Surf draws on my love of the outdoors with the added bonus of helping to maintain my cognition into old age.”

Graham’s involvement with Team CHeBA is a family affair. He is the father in law of Dr Nicola Gates, author of A Brain for Life, a CHeBA collaborator who completed her PhD with the centre. In previous years, he completed the City2Surf alongside three generations of his family, and in 2016 will walk with his son.

Since he joined Team CHeBA in 2013, Graham has raised over $5,500 for CHeBA’s research.  Co-Directors of CHeBA, Professor Perminder Sachdev and Professor Henry Brodaty said Graham was an outstanding role model of positive ageing and expressed their gratitude to him for his ongoing commitment to supporting CHeBA’s research.