Colliers International Residential First Silver Member of The Dementia Momentum®

01 Dec 2015

CHeBA Blog: Colliers International First Silver Member of The Dementia Momentum


Following his incredible display of support as competitor in the inaugural Wipeout Dementia® campaign in May, Managing Director of Colliers International Residential, Peter Chittenden, arranged for Colliers to become the first Silver Member of The Dementia Momentum®.

Colliers’ $30,000 donation came in the wake of Mr Chittenden’s personal fundraising achievement of over $7,500 in the May event.  Drawing on his positive experience, Mr Chittenden gave an inspiring presentation at the Wipeout Dementia® cocktail event hosted by AMP Foundation on 7 October which encouraged a new generation of corporates to join the most recent campaign alongside NSW Premier Mike Baird in November.

“Changing the incidence of dementia is a fundamental cause and CHeBA’s outstanding work with The Dementia Momentum® is one of the reasons Colliers International Residential and I personally are proud to support Wipeout Dementia®,” said Mr Chittenden. 

“We know that the future of dementia is going to be devastating both socially and economically if we can’t change the projections and we agree with Spokesman for The Dementia Momentum®, Richard Grellman, that business can play a fundamental role in helping to change this outcome.”

In addition to Silver Membership of The Dementia Momentum®, Colliers International Residential joined as a supporter sponsor for the recent campaign, during which Mr Chittenden reprised his surfing performance to compete in the Surf Off with Gillespie’s Grommets Forever on Saturday, 28 November.

CHeBA Co-Directors Professors Henry Brodaty and Perminder Sachdev were motivated by the ongoing support of Colliers International Residential, which they said was critical to continuing to achieve the outcomes of The Dementia Momentum®.

“Continued support over time from members like Colliers International Residential allows us to extend our research objectives to create lasting social change around dementia incidence.”

To join The Dementia Momentum® or to find out more about this initiative please contact Heidi Douglass on (02) 9382 3398 or